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No detergents. No bleach. No softeners. No hot water. Just clean, fresh, earth-friendly laundry.

The Smart Solution For Doing Laundry

We turned to nature to come up with a better way to do laundry. Laundry Pro 2.0 is better for the environment, your family, and your wallet-- and it's amazingly effective!

Laundry Pro 2.0 uses ActivePure® Technology and water with hydrogen & oxygen-based oxidizers for cleaning power to lift dirt and grime away from fabric fibers to prevent the growth of bacteria.

ActivePure® Space Technology

The ActivePure® technology in each Laundry Pro 2.0 is based on space technology developed for use on the International Space Station.

A Beyond by Aerus Creation

The ActivePure® technology was created in the USA by a company with over 90 years of history, trusted by millions of families and recognized by the Smithsonian.

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Unique features of Aerus Laundry Pro

Don't know about the chemicals in your laundry? They can leach into your skin and wear down your clothes - not to mention the environmental impact of all the waste water and consumer containers. Laundry Pro, designed and made in America, eliminates the need for hot water, detergents, fabric softeners, and bleaches. It is easily installed on both standard and high efficiency washers. All without sacrificing clean clothes!

Eliminates the need for detergent

Hydrogen and oxygen gases bubble into clothing to lift dirt and odors. A pre-treatment may be used for tough stains.

Prevents odor-causing bacteria without bleach

Laundry Pro combines the power of exclusive ActivePure®, a Certified Space Technology, with the cleaning action of water with hydrogen and oxygen-based oxidizers to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Helps eliminate allergic reactions due to detergent residue

Laundry Pro also helps eliminate the itching and redness caused by allergies due to detergents embedded in clothing, and the hidden effects of chemicals absorbed by skin.

Gets towels softer and fluffier and helps clothes last longer

Build up on towels, linens, and clothes can weigh them down. Over time, Laundry Pro lifts old detergents out of fibers, restoring their softness.

Makes whites whiter and colors brighter

Laundry Pro keeps clothes looking their best with the cleansing power of water with hydrogen and oxygen based oxidizers.

Protects the home

Laundry Pro monitors its operations with status indicator lights. The lights glow blue during normal operation and will indicate when attention is required.

Designed and built in the USA with the user in mind

Laundry Pro is designed for simple use and installation. Easy to see indicator lights glows blue when operating normally and glow red when a problems exists.

Friendly to people, the planet and the pocketbook

Laundry Pro eliminates the need for hot water cycles. The unit itself is RoHS compliant and can be recycled.

Just clean, fresh, earth-friendly laundry!


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Space Technology

Pure & natural, eco-friendly laundry solution

Laundry Pro uses the bubbling and cleaning action of water with hydrogen and oxygen-based oxidizers to clean as it removes dirt, grime, and odor-causing bacteria. With Laundry Pro, you can clean without detergents or bleach. Clothes are cleaned with a cleaning process that gently lifts dirt from between fibers and leaves no residues or chemicals behind. This prevents build-up so clothes remain bright and towels feel soft.

Eliminates 100% of bacteria

Laundry Pro combines the power of exclusive ActivePure®, a Certified Space Technology, with the cleaning action of water with hydrogen and oxygen-based oxidizers to lift dirt and grime away from the fibers of fabric and prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Produces clean oxidized water

(Optional ActiveClean Port accessory)

Since Laundry Pro has been specially designed to convert common, ordinary tap water into water with hydrogen & oxygen-based oxidizers that is powerfully effective for cleaning, this activated water can clean much more than just your laundry!

Choose the Technology with Science on its side.

ActivePure® Technology has been tested against over 20 common viruses, bacterias, mold, mildews and other pathogens; including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Who should use Laundry Pro?

Laundry Pro is available for both high efficiency and standard washing machines. It's intended to work with residential clothes washers and is for anyone interested in an economical, earth-friendly alternative to detergent and chemicals without modifying existing appliances, electrical system, or plumbing!

Using Laundry Pro.

Laundry Pro is completely automatic, requiring no additional effort for typical use beyond correct initial installation. Pre-treating can be done as normal for aggressive and tough staining. Sorting should be performed the same as before using Laundry Pro. For optimal performance and energy savings, use cold water only.

How easy is it to install?

Laundry Pro is designed to attach to a residential washing machine using the existing plumbing connection for cold water and standard washing machine hoses. Watch the easy installation video below.

We’ve got your back.

We offer a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects, including parts and labour.

Our dedicated support team will be of assistance throughout the process, via live chat, email and call.

Get clean, fresh, earth-friendly laundry today!

Aerus Laundry Pro

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